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Hike to the top

Hike to the top of Mount Dajti (Day Trip)

This day trip is for active people who enjoy hiking to the top and receive stunning views in return. We start the trip with a panoramic cable car ride to the National park…

1 day
Walking and hiking
Cave Pellumbas family holiday with outdoor Albania

Hike to the village and cave of Pellumbas (Day Trip)

This day trip is for adventurous people who like exploring caves and the rural areas that Tirana that surround Tirana….

1 day
Hiking with Outdoor Albania is fun peaks of the balkans

Self Guided – Majestic Mountain Trek from Valbona to Thethi (3 Days)

We will hike the classic pass of the Albanian Alps that has linked the two most known valleys of the area – Valbona and Thethi – for centuries.

2 to 5 days
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Tirana Walking Tour (Day Trip)

The Tirana Walking Tour is for people who like to see the highlights of Tirana and get a better understanding of the history of one of the most interesting capitals of Europe.

1 day