Discover South Albania's

cultural treasures

The treasures of southeast Albania’s magnificent landscape are waiting to be discovered. The area’s wealth of monuments and historic sites compose an astonishing cultural heritage.

Enjoy those quiet moments on the grey cobbled alleys of Gjirokastër – the “City in Stone”, wander through the ancient Greco-Roman ruins at the archeological site of nearby Butrint, or be captured by the irresistible charms of the great white-washed historic districts of Berat, adorned by thousands of wooden windows in elegant 18’th Century Ottoman style.

Warm people, delicious food, delicate wines and strong raki will complement the experience. Gëzuar!

Sights and cities of

the charming South-East

Travel through the spectacular gorge of Kelcyra towards the small town of Permet, which is situated on a rocky bluff in the one of the most scenic parts of river Vjosa. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and go for a dip in the nearby thermal pools of Benja in plain nature, next to the perfect arc of a beautiful Ottoman bridge in stone. For the adventurous, we offer exciting rafting trips on the waves of Vjosa and river hiking exploration of the spectacular Langarica canyon! (Check out our rafting trip in Vjosa here).

Continue further inland towards the plateau of Leskovik, and you’ll be stunned by the mighty views of the 2500m rocky dome of mount Nemerçka towering above the green Vjosa Valley. It has scored a number of covers on books and magazines.

The journey enters the wild and peaceful forests of Germenj, aligning the Gramos mountain range that defines the border with Greece on the East along the ridge-line. This tour is especially beautiful and entertaining to do on bike. If you are an avid cyclist, be sure to check out our bike tours that run in the area.

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Butrint, Albania
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Gjirokastër — The City of Stone
Gjirokastër; the “City of Stone” and UNESCO World Heritage site extends downhill from the 13th century castle and is one of the most beautiful Albanian historic towns. A stroll along the grey stone paved streets will bring you to the charming traditional architecture that originates from the Ottoman times. Gjirokaster is also the hometown of former dictator Enver Hoxha and award-winning writer Ismail Kadare.

The City of “Thousand Windows”
Berat is the best-preserved historic town of Albania. Illyrian and Roman walls surround Byzantine churches and Ottoman houses, and coexist with the Socialist buildings in an impressive historic span of more than 2,400 years. Continue upstream the river towards the imposing “Baba Tomor” mountain.


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