Europe's most exciting new holiday destination

The Western Balkans

The Western Balkans or as coined by Michael Palin ‘New Europe’ are attracting a growing number of travellers in search of alternative destinations. In the last few years, the region has been establishing itself as one of the most exciting holiday destinations of the continent.

The affordable costs, tasty food, hospital people and breathtaking sights are just a few ingredients that make the Western Balkans appealing for the curious traveller.

To get a good taste of the Western Balkans, Outdoor Albania assembles a variety of multi-country tours through Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and northern Greece that would satisfy even the most experienced explorers.

Western Balkans
Source: Paste Magazine
What you are about to see

in our cultural discovery tour

Check out the cultural heritage of Albania in Butrint and Gjirokastër and be amazed by the eye- dropping beauty of the Accursed Mountains.

Once you are done exploring Albania; pass over border to Macedonia and extend your culinary trip by tasting one of many different Macedonian wines. Macedonia has a tradition of winemaking and some are originated from centuries before Christ.

Then go across the Peaks of the Balkans and descend into Kosovo, a new and undiscovered corner of Europe. Look into the Southern Alps, explore mystifying caves, lakes and waterfalls and enjoy the stillness.

It’s the warm hospitality, tasty cuisine and eye- dropping landscapes that makes the Western Balkan an exciting interesting new holiday destination.

We have carefully selected a few of our favorite multi-country tours, which we have been running for several years for our international partners and friends. If you would like to receive more information on the possibility of multi-country hiking, cycling, cultural discovery tours through Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Northern Greece, please contact us.