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Paddling in a kayak is a great way to discover the Albanian coast at slow pace. This can be done as a day trip, or a multi-day adventure.

Kayaking is a great way to spend your holiday: stopping for swims and snorkel in turquoise waters, reading your favorite book at secluded  beaches or fishing and chatting with friends under the sun, discovering every hidden secret of the Albanian coast!

The majority of our sea kayaking itineraries run along the stunning Ionic coast aligned of jagged limestone cliffs, small hidden bays with white gravel beaches and caves of all shapes and size.

The beauty of the sea is back-grounded by the 2000m high massive ridge-line  of Mount Cika and the Lightning Mountains, while the foothills by the sea, are covered with olive groves, citrus trees and Mediterranean maquis.


OA-Outdoor Albania does not rent kayaks. The equipment is reserved for our guided tours, starting from a minimum of six participants.

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Sea kayaking with Outdoor Albania

Have a look at our selection of sea kayaking tours below.
All our tours are also bookable as private tours.

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Sea-kayaking tour

Sea Kayak - Day Trip

A different kind of day in the water, where you will visit secluded beaches that can only be reached from the water. We will explore the caves in the Porto Palermo Bay and enjoy the sun.
per person
Albania, Albanian coast, Rural Albania, South Albania
Easy, Fit
1 day
Sea kayaking with Outdoor Albania

Sea-kayak along the beautiful Ionian coast (5 Days)

This sea kayaking tour is for people who like to be on the water and visit secluded beaches that can only be reached from the water. We will explore the caves, beaches, picturesque villages and more.
per person
5 to 8 days