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Our continuous exploration of the country brings direct economic benefits to the rural areas of Albania – given the fact that many of our tours are based and hosted in traditional village houses.

At the same time Outdoor Albania works hard for the environmental education of the locals, increasingly committing them to the protection of the Albanian natural and cultural heritance, towards a sustainable and developed eco-tourism future.

We support different projects contributing to different social levels in Albania.

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Food Bank Albania envisions to grow its activities and partnerships in all Albania remaining faithful to the core mission of reaching the hungry and the poor which constitute about one sixth of the population and who live with less than 40 Euros a month per person.

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How can you give back?

This is the list of the foods of the 1500 leke basket at Ipazar (this is included in the food basket):

  • Lentils, 500 gr
  • Milk, 1 kg
  • Oil, 1 kg
  • Tomato sauce, 680 gr
  • Sugar, 1 kg
  • Rice, 1 kg
  • Pasta peroni, 500 gr
  • Pasta spagetti, 500 gr
  • Flour, 2 kg
  • Salt, 500 gr
  • Beans, 1 kg
  • Coffee, 100 gr

You can either directly buy a food package at Ipazar for 1500 lek ( about 11 euro) or 2500 lek (about 20 euro) or you can order a package with us and we will order a food package for you.

Outdoor Albania for foodbank Albania
A little small beautiful guy who has a lot of dreams, but perhaps can't never accomplish them, because of the situation of the family and his main task will be to take care of the family.
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Foodbank Albania

Food Bank Albania is the first food bank of Albania, operating now from three years. Our network of more than 30 NGO’s allows the food bank to distribute helping donations of food in remote areas of the country within a few days, which is possible by good local partnerships with NGO’s operating in the respective areas. We rely on food and money donations and we make sure that the most deprived and marginalised people of society are the beneficiaries. Our operations include food drives at supermarkets and institutions, an educational schools programme, the seeds project – a project that reaches rural farmers of Albania, a special winter project and a child sponsorship programme. We have distributed more than 50 tons of food since the beginning of operations with yearly growth.

F.B. Albania is part of FEBA – The European Federation of Food Banks and is regularly maintaining best practices trying to set an example how and why food banking is important in Albania. One of the main challenges is lack of legal infrastructure and adequate laws that encourage local businesses to donate substantial amounts of food to the food bank. For this, we are partnering with other main NGOs in the country to seek changes to the local tax authorities.