Outdooralbania.com is new and improved. Building on to 25 years of experience visitors can select the best walking, cycling, sea-kayaking, family and cultural discovery tours bringing them to destinations in Albania and beyond.

“We started out with a a selection of cycling and hiking tours in Albania, ploughing our way through the rumble of former dictator Hoxha. our reach quickly expanded over our borders with destinations across the whole of Western Balkans” says Laura Payne co-owner and marketing manager of Outdoor Albania.
One of these destinations, the Via Dinarica stands out. “We are proud to offer Via Dinarica tours as part of Via Dinarica alliance. This exciting new trail pans nearly 2.000 kilometers and is a cultural corridor that connects countries and communities along the Dynaric Alps and Sharr Mountain Range.”

Outdoor Albania is not just a tour-operator. We believe in a better Albania and are dedicated to help since the beginning of our existence. We have a unique relationship with our shareholders such as guesthouse owners and local guides. With some they have been working for 25 years. “We have to do whatever we can to help each other out. So we have created a sustainability page where you can find a overview on projects we are working on and which collaborations we have.

One of these projects is HopeMade, run by Gerdien Blommers from the Netherlands. Gerdien works with Albanian women to help them getting a sewing certificate in order to get a job and generate income. Their products are sold through hopemade.nl. “We think it’s great what’s HopeMade is doing. We endorse them by offering their products to our clients.” More on Hopemade and other projects you can find here.

Another big part of the new website is the Teambuilding page. “We have noticed that throughout the years people feel re-energized by our adventure activities such as rafting and kayaking. Therefore we have set up our teambuilding department to cater teambuilding events. Throughout the years GIZ, Coca-Cola and many others have had a great time while teambuilding with us. Find more on Outdoor Albania’s teambuilding activities here.

“I am really proud at the tours that we are offering. On our website you will find spreads with photo’s, articles and films on a selection of our activities, guides, local shareholders and everyone else who has taken part in our 25 years of existence.”

Have a look and see you in Albania!