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Albanian Projects

Our continuous exploration of the country brings direct economic benefits to the rural areas of Albania – given the fact that many of our tours are based and hosted in traditional village houses.

At the same time Outdoor Albania works hard for the environmental education of the locals, increasingly committing them to the protection of the Albanian natural and cultural heritance, towards a sustainable and developed eco-tourism future.

We support different projects contributing to different social levels in Albania.

Stimulate the local economy with


Hope Made sells different accessories made by people in Albania who have right to a better life.

Outdoor Albania has donated a professional film maker to make a short film about this project in order to raise more awareness for these families in need. In addition, together with hope made we are talking to our hotels to see if there is a possibility to make our hotels become official sales points of Hope Made. If you would like to know more about this project, please contact us.