Cycling the Accursed Mountains of Albania

Day 1: Explore Shkoder
We will meet at 09:00 o'clock in the morning in central Tirana. From there, we will drive directly to Shkoder, Northern Albania's oldest city. Here we will have lunch and visit the ruins of the Rozafa Castle to enjoy fabulous views of Shkoder, the lake and the Albania Alps.

Dinner: Restaurant
Overnight: Hotel in Shkodra

Transfer: Tirana Airport- Shkodra,100km/1hr 30min.

Day 2: Cycle from Shkodra to Boge
Today we will leave the agricultural countryside of the Shkoder region behind us and climb steadily through a landscape of barren rock interspersed with wildflowers on the mountainside. After a picnic lunch with stunning panoramas, we will climb into the heart of the Radohima Peaks until we reach the valley of Boge, our stopping point for today.

Dinner: Home cooked meal in a guesthouse
Overnight: Guesthouse in Boge

Cycle distance: 50km

Day 3: Cycle from Boge to Theth
This morning we start ascending along a meandering path that zigzags across the rocky terrain, which leads us to the pass that we will reach in the late morning. The views from up here are breathtaking; we will see the Thethi Valley surrounded by the soaring peaks of the 'Bjeshket e Naumna' (Accursed Mountains).
In the afternoon we will reach the village of Thethi. We will explore the village by foot and pay a visit to the church and the Kulla e Ngujimit, an old 'lock-in tower' that dates back to a time when blood feuds blighted the Albanian highlands. We will also head past a waterfall and into the Grunasi Canyon where we pass by terraces dating back to the bronze age, after which we turn back to our guesthouse to enjoy a good meal.

Dinner: Home cooked meal in a guesthouse
Overnight: Guesthouse in Thethi

Cycle distance: 28km

Day 4: Hike from Theth to Valbona
Today we will hike through the most beautiful valleys in the Albanian Alps – the Theth valley and the Valbona valley. We will leave from Theth early in the morning and start climbing to the pass of Valbona (1960m), after which we will descend into the Valbona Valley where we stay overnight in a local farmhouse in Rragam.

Dinner: Home cooked meal in a guesthouses
Overnight: Guesthouse in Rragam

Hiking distance: 5 - 7 hours walking.

Day 5: Cycle from Valbona to Bajram Curri
Today we will have a comfortable and relaxing ride. We will descent gradually from 900m to about 350m while enjoying our spectacular surroundings.

Dinner: Restaurant
Overnight: Hotel in Bajram Curri

Cycling distance: 25km

Day 6 : Cycle from Bajram Curri to Lezhe, Koman ferry ride
Early in the morning, we will drive from Barjam Curri to the dock, where we will take the ferry through the spectacular fjord-like canyon of Lake Koman. After we arrive in Koman we will get back on the bikes and cycle along the Vau i Dejes lake until we reach Lezhe.

Dinner: Restaurant
Overnight: Hotel in Lezhe

Cycling distance: 45km

Day 7: Kruja and Tirana
On this last day of the tour we will drive to Kruja, an important historic town. Here you will have some free time to explore the citadel of Albania's national hero Skanderbeg and to wander around the bazaar, after which we will drive to Tirana.

Dinner: Restaurant
Overnight: Hotel in Tirana

Day 8: Departure
Depending on the departure time of your flight you will have some time to walk through the center of Tirana and visit the National Historical Museum before we drive to the airport.

*Private tour
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