Rafting in the marvelous Vjosa Valley

Is it dangerous?
This rafting track is classified as Wild Water II - III (flat running water with small waves). Difficulty level is moderate. As such, it does not present particular hazards for navigation. Our expert guides and specialize equipment guarantee a trip in full safety.

Do I have to be skilled?
No, previous experience is not required. The guide on board will teach passengers the basics of paddling that are needed for the trip. This level of rafting is open to any skill level, even first-timers and children age 12+

Must I know how to swim?
Yes. Although the life jacket (pfd) will not let the person go under water, swimming or flotation capacities are good reinforcement.

Am I going to be cold?
Our specialized equipment provides good protection against cold. However, everybody is different and some may experience a bit of chill.