Paragliding from Mount Shashica in Vlora

1 Who is Aero-club Albania, when was it launched?

Aeroclub Albania is a paragliding sport association founded since 2009. There are 6 pilots, all of them under international licenses (Swiss APPI license) with a lot of experience in solo and tandem flying, acrobatics and cross country flying.
The tandem fllights are each weekend for from summer to winter time in Albania.
In addition they run a paragliding school for people who want to learn how to fly alone.
Our equipments are one of the best in the international market, Sol Paragliders, for which they are the Albanian dealer.

2 What do i need for a tandem flight?

You will need only your shoes because during the takeoff you will need to run 5-6 steps

3. How do i get to Vlora / Llogara ?
During the summer they fly in the Llogara mount and landing at the Dhermi beach. There are several ways to get there: by car or bus (Tirana-Vlora-Llogara or Vlora-Llogara).
You may also drive along with the Pilot which will depart from Tirana. In this case we need a confirmation of the amount of the passenger before the departure to calculate the free places in the car. (petrol cost will be shared)

4. What languages do the tandem flyers speak?
English, French and Italian.

5. Can i get photo's/video's from the tandem flight?
We will make photo's during the flight, these are included in the price.