Panoramic Snowshoeing in rural Albania

Participant guidelines
You are advised to make sure they bring hats and gloves, and that they wear warm clothes, as mountain weather can change suddenly. It is best to wear several layers of clothes, so that if it gets warm some can be taken off. The top layer should be waterproof in case of snow. Shoes should be waterproof mountain shoes. Please note that your shoes will be in contact with snow. Gaiters (snow protectors covering legs and ankles) will be provided. Rubber boots are not recommended as they will not be warm enough. For safety reasons, participants without hats and gloves will not be allowed to join the trip.

What to bring
Mountain shoes for the hike, spare shoes and socks for the return, hat, gloves, sunglasses and a small backpack. The weather in the mountains can be greatly different from Tirana, so you are advised to dress warmly, and to remember to bring a personal water bottle.