Hiking in Scenic Southern Albania

Level: Fit
These tours can be physically challenging, and demand you to be in good physical shape. The paths are not always in the best of conditions and markings can be scarce. Day treks may have big ascents and descents. Changing weather conditions (even in mid-summer) can play an important role when trekking in remote areas, and may cause changes in the scheduled route.
Prior trekking experience is an advantage, but not necessary for those who are in good shape. During the hikes, you are required to personally carry your own day backpack.

What to bring:
Breathable light-weight waterproof gear (gore-tex, sympatex, etc), fleece/wool pullover, wind-stopper jacket and gloves, small backpack with rain coverage, cap, sun block, mosquito repellent, headlamp, hiking poles, water bottle, sunglasses.

Terrain during the hikes
Some trails along the way are characterised by lots of descents and ascents. The route might pass over engraved relief representing alpine terrain with steep slopes, mountain river valleys carved into the mountains, rocky peaks, belts of mountain pine, etc. However, the chosen paths are mostly well trodden underfoot and safe.