Experience Koman and Rural Valbona by Ferry

Participant guidelines
Participants should be in good physical shape. Participants should note that there could be weather changes in the mountains. Therefore, it is recommended that they wear appropriate shoes for a walk in the mountains (hiking shoes or trainers) and carry an extra layer (preferably wind and water proof) in case of changing weather conditions.

What to bring:
Breathable light-weight waterproof gear (goretex, sympatex, etc), fleece/wool pullovers, wind-stopper jackets and gloves, small backpack with rain coverage, cap, sun block, mosquito repellent, head lamp, hiking poles, water bottle, sunglasses.

Medical conditions
Please inform us about any pertinent medical conditions in your booking form.

Terrain during the hikes
This alpine trail is characterized by lots of ascents and descents. The route passes over engraved relief representing alpine terrain with steep slopes, mountain river valleys carved into the landscape, rocky peaks, belts of mountain pine, etc. However, the chosen paths are mostly well trodden and safe.