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River hiking in the Osumi Canyon

This tour is for adventurous people who want to explore the wonderful Osumi canyon by foot. In late summer, the river water level drops but the canyon of Osumi still remains a magnificent exhibit of Albanian nature. For several months, it is not possible to raft the entire canyon, but the fun activity of river hiking is a great alternative. The trip is a a mixture of floating, swimming and walking. All are outfitted with a wetsuit, life jacket, and helmet for maximum enjoyment and safety. Length: 8km 


River hiking in the Osumi Canyon

This river hiking trip runs from June to September, when the water levels are low and the weather is warm.
The meeting time is at 10. 30 hours at the Outdoor Albania Rafting base in the Cerovoda tourist hotel.
You will get your river hiking gear and we will proceed to the drop in of the river. (about 30 min drive)
Before we get in the water you will get a briefing at the river beach.

The river hiking trip lasts for about 3 hours, in which you will be exploring the river, mostly by hiking and floating.
We will have stops at the river beaches where you will be able to absorb the beauty of the Canyon.

After the trip we will bring you back to the base where you can take a shower and have an (optional) lunch at the restaurant in town.

Essential Info

River hiking in the Osumi Canyon

Participant guidelines
You should know how to swim. Although life jackets keep you above water, swimming or floating abilities are an added security. The equipment provided ensures good protection against cold; however, people have different capacities to bear cold and some persons may experience a bit of a chill.

What to bring:
A swimming suit, a pair of trainers, (no sandals or slippers!) warm socks, a thin fleece pullover and a towel

Tip: don't forget to bring warm clothes for after the trip!


River hiking in the Osumi Canyon

Where is the meeting place for River hiking in Osumi Canyon?
The meeting place is in Çorovoda hotel "Turizmi", right in the center.

Is transport included?
The transport from the meeting place in Çorovoda to the river and back is included in the itinerary. In case you need help with arranging transport to Çorovoda, please contact us via the inquire now button or at booking.

Can you help us with booking accommodation in Berat or Çorovoda?
Yes we can! We have several accommodations to choose from. Please let us know how many persons you want to accommodate and your preferred room division (single, twin, triple etc.). Accommodation in Cerovoda starts at 10 euro per persons and accommodation in Berat is about 17.50 euro per person (depending on the accommodation and kind of room)

How do I know if this trip will depart?
We need a min of 6 person in order to guarantee a departure. You can check at the departure dates which dates are guaranteed, or contact us so we can let you know the possibilities.

Is river hiking in Osumi Canyon dangerous?
The river hiking takes place in the summer months, when the water levels are low and the weather is warm.

Do I have to be skilled?
No, previous experience is not required. This level of river hiking is open to any skill level, first-timers and children age 12+ are welcome to join. However, there are some parts where you have to swim, therfore you can not join this trip if you can not swim.

Must I know how to swim?
Yes. Although the life jacket (pfd) will not let the person go under water, swimming or flotation capacities are good reinforcement.

Am I going to be cold?
Our specialized equipment provides good protection against cold. However, everybody is different and some may experience a bit of chill.

Availability & Prices

River hiking in the Osumi Canyon

- A bottle of water and a snack
- English speaking guide
- Transport from the rafting base in corovode to the drop in point at the river

- Additional drinks and food
- Bank transfer fees
- If you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal there is a 4,5% service charge over the total paid amount.

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