Trips in to nature and culture


Cultural Tour Albania (8 Days)

This cultural tour is for people who are interested to discover the history and experience the culture of a warm and incredibly hospitable country that has not been discovered by mass tourism yet.  In this tour we will bring you to some of the most interesting UNESCO world heritage sites, enjoy the beauty of the Albanian Riviera, and uncover Albania’s rich history.
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Biking with Outdoor Albania

Cycling Tour South Albania (15 Days)

This tour is for active people who want to explore the coastal mountains of Southern Albania by bike. We will cycle through hills covered in olive groves, around the magnificent Lake Ohrid, and along the sparsely inhabited Ionian coast. We will visit picturesque villages, the ancient cities of Gjirokaster and Berat (UNESCO World Heritage), quiet beaches, and the archeological site Butrint (UNESCO).The climax of this tour is at the Llogara Pass, where the road climbs more than a thousand meters to a wonderful viewpoint before plunging into deep forest on the other side.
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Discover the blue eye with Outdoor Albania

Discover the ‘Blue Eye’ (4 Days)

This tour is great for active, outdoors-loving people who are used to long walks, and for those with a flexible, adventurous attitude. This walking tour shows you the beauty of pristine nature and culture in the Albanian Alps where you will be hosted by local families. Enjoy their hospitality while discovering the stunning beauty of...
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Tour with Outdoor Albania

Experience Koman and Rural Valbona by Ferry (3 Days)

This tour is for active people who would like to get a taste of the culture of the Northern Albanian "Malesore", native Albanian highlanders. For a glimpse of daily life, we will stay overnight in the guesthouses of a local family, where a delicious traditional dinner with home-grown vegetables will be prepared. On the last day of the tour you will experience an amazing ferry ride on Lake Koman.
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Grand Albania hiking tour with Outdoor Albania

Grand Albania Hiking Tour (15 Days)

This two-week walking tour is for fit people who want to explore Albania in it’s full length, from the most Northern to the most Southern parts of the country. We will make spectacular hikes while enjoying the wonderful surroundings and exploring the local culture in different regions. We will...
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Hike to the top

Hike to the top of Mount Dajti (Day Trip)

This day trip is for active people who enjoy hiking to the top and receive stunning views in return. We start the trip with a panoramic cable car ride to the National park, after which we will follow a trail through the oak forest, until we reach the peak of Tujani. A visit to the Dajti National Park is a great way to spend a day in...
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Cave Pellumbas family holiday with outdoor Albania

Hike to the village and cave of Pellumbas (Day Trip)

This day trip is for adventurous people who like exploring caves and the rural areas that Tirana that surround Tirana. We will make a fantastic hike with wonderful views, explore the inside of the cave with torches where you can find stunning stalactites and stalagmites and bats hanging on the sealing. We will pass along the river, where when the weather is good you can take a refreshing swim, and taste some of the delicious local dishes.
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Hiking scenic southern Albania

Hiking in scenic Southern Albania (8 Days)

This tour is for people who enjoy a balanced mix of hikes, cultural visits and relaxation in the beautiful South of Albania. Traveling from the Adriatic to the Ionian coast, you can marvel at the splendour of Llogora Pass, see the mighty Cika peaks towering above the crystal waters and the white gravel beaches of the Ionian Sea.
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Hiking with Outdoor Albania on Mali me Gropa

Hiking on Mali me Gropa (Day Trip)

Outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds will find this an enjoyable and unique opportunity to enjoy Albania's rugged mountain landscapes surrounding Tirana. This tour takes you to Mali me Gropa, or "the mountain with holes", a beautiful but secluded place just a short drive from Tirana. Here you will make a hike together with our experienced guide who will take you to the most beautiful places, after which you will drive back to Tirana.
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Accoursed Mountains

Journey in to the Accursed Mountains (8 Days)

Journey in to the Accursed Mountains is for adventurous travellers who enjoy encounters with nature and cultural experiences such as staying in unique traditional houses of the native Albanian highlanders, the "malesore". This walking holiday covers some of the most scenic parts of Albania and includes a ferry trip on the spectacular Lake Koman, a trek through the beautiful Valbona Valley and a visit to the Theth Valley.
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