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About us

In 1992 Albania opened its gates to the world after a closure that lasted decades. It was at this time that Mr. Ilir Mati, an electronics engineer with an inborn passion for adventure, retired from fixing submarine sonars for the Albanian Navy. He then started organising “Journeys in the Albanian Nature and Culture”.
His old Ford Transit, nicknamed “The Periscope”, allowed trekkers, climbers, skiers, kayakers, river rafters, journalists, archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists and other explorers to discover virgin images of the “new” old Albania.
In the years that followed, his initiative attracted family members, friends and many other travel enthusiasts who together went through growth, success and difficult times, keeping their travelling spirit always alive.
Today, the OA team is proud to have inherited an admirable legacy of years of travelling experience, all around Albania and further, and is enthusiastic to share their experiences and their hope of a sustainable and developed future.

Company Profile

Outdoor Albania  is serving professional partners as well as for individual clients.

  • Group Tours
  • Tailormade tours
  • Adventure tours
  • Individual Tour Packages
  • Hotel Reservations in Albania.
  • Incentive Tours/Team building activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Car Rentals
  • Transport arrangements

Our office
Outdoor Albania serves all incoming services. We have been in the tourism business since 1992, (first under the name of Aluona Sub tours and later with the name of Outdoor Albania) as the first incoming tour operator in Albania. Our office is in the center of Tirana and easily accessible by feet. Our team counts 5 office staff and ten guides.

Our means of Transport
To support sustainable tourism we have decided to work with local transport providers that own the vehicles. We have a reliable network of taxis, mini busses/busses and we work closely with several car rental companies. In addition Outdoor Albania ownes 2 Toyota Land Cruisers (8+1) for small groups and off road experiences.
Transport for the tours will rely on 4WD vehicles, minibuses and buses. Our logistic experts make possible to access even the most remote corners of the country at any time of the year. Horse or mule carriage support is also provided in tours away from roads, such as multi-day trekking and mountaineering.

Our choise of Accommodation
During many years of operating, we have established a trustworthy cooperation with small and bigger sized accommodation providers all around the country. We have been explaining small scale accommodations about the bennefits of internet sales and we are proud of the listings and websites we have build for them. For more info about our accommodations please click here

Our Product
We are specialized in round trips in the Albanian nature and culture. We offer experiences of the real Albania, by bringing our clients in of the beaten track locations besides the main well known destinations - often done by hiking and walking. In addition we offer rafting, snow-shoeing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, sea kayaking and many more interesting activities.

License and associations
Under rulings set by the Albanian government, all travel operators have to obtain a Tourism Enterprise License which is renewed annually with the Department of Tourism. As a fully responsible operator, Outdoor Albania holds this licence.
We are a member of ATA. The Albanian Association of Tourism.

Staff Loyalty for prime service
We have 5 permanent  office staff  - most of which have been working with us for more than 3 years, showing loyalty and creativity.  All staff is frequently sent to various formation courses. They are also occasionally sent for recon trips to see the destinations we sell and meet all the supliers. For the guiding/tourleading services, we have 10 qualified and experienced English speaking guides that have solid knowledge about Albania's history, nature and culture.  Most of these guides also speak fluently other languages such as German, French and Italian.  Beside our own guides we also have a selection of the best free lance guides that operate in the Albania.

Company background
Pioneering adventure travel and opening new routes to adventure defines Outdoor Albania's creative spirit and dedication. Founded by Gent Mati and Laura Payne, Outdoor Albania designs tours that offer both privileged access and special insight to Albania's nature and culture. The Outdoor Albania team has trail-blazed many of today's commercial routes for hiking, mountaineering rafting, kayaking and mountain biking. Outdoor Albania has created unique and varied tours in Albania, distinguished by creativity, safety, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Through its activities Outdoor Albania offers access to practically every corner of the country.

Responsible travel
Outdoor Albania organises nature-friendly tours in Albania, promoting the protection of landscapes, bio-habitats, traditions and monuments. Our continuous exploration of the country brings direct economic benefits to the rural areas of Albania - given the fact that most of our tours are based and hosted in traditional village houses. At the same time Outdoor Albania works hard for the environmental education of the locals, increasingly committing them to the protection of the Albanian natural and cultural inheritance, towards a sustainable and developed eco-tourism future.

Countries of operation: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia. In addition we are connected to the www.whl.travel network and have close partnerships all over the Balkans.

Opening hours
Monday/Friday 9.00 hours to 13.00 hours and from 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours.

Languages spoken within our team
Albanian, English,  German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Serbo-Croatian.


Outdoor Albania
Rr "Sami Frasheri", Nd.14 H.2 Ap.9, Njesia Bashkiake Nr.10
Kodi Postar 1001, Tirane, Albania
mob: +355 694 088 846
tel/fax: +355 42 227 121
skype: Outdoor Albania

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